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Stylish and Comfortable Range of Mens Jeans are Available with us in Loose, Skinny, Regular, and other sizes as per the requirement  

About Us 

To buy a new pair of jeans, it is important to find a pair of jeans that has been precisely cut, and well-washed according to the latest trends, and the fabric lasts as long as you do not get tired of wearing it. Buy jeans from Tres Capas of Fashion Pvt. Ltd. with complete assurance of precision style, high quality fabric, and trendy wash. We have ready stock of trendy Mens Jeans in various styles and designs that look good on men, as well as are comfortable to wear. With the idea that no one size fits all; we work towards making it possible for the fashion-forward men to buy stylish jeans without the worries of bad fitting. 

In the contemporary fashion scenario, we are playing the role of Manufacturer and Exporter offering Men Jeans in different colors, patterns, and designs. A 2017 established firm, monthly production capacity is of 1000 pieces in a month, which enables us to fulfill the bulk and immediate requirements of customers on time.  

Types of Trending Denim Washes 

Buying a pair of jeans is not only about the one that looks good, but several factors such as quality, durability, and proper fitting. Besides, one other factor that plays critical role here is washes. Some of the trendy washes that have captured the attention of fashion-conscious men are:

  • Moon Wash: This type of wash was first invented in 1980, but still holds huge popularity among men because of the glamorized look it provides to the wearer. It is in complete contrast to the tonal color, which is done by using a pumice stone soaked in chlorine. 
  • Light Wash: This one is wardrobe staple. To achieve the lighter blue shade in the jeans, the fabric has to go through a longer washing process to remove the indigo dye color. 
  • Mid Wash: As the name suggest, in this type of wash, the middle part of the jeans is washed to get the contrast color of the fabric.
  • Caustic Wash: This type of wash helps in getting old, faded look. In this process, extra starch from the fabric is removed to get the soft feeling.

Buying the Perfect Pair of Jeans in Bulk

Getting a precise fit is not easy to get, as in the market when it comes to buying Men Jeans, there are several types of jeans available such as Straight Cut Jeans, Boot Cut Jeans, Tight Jeans, Loose Fit Jeans, and more. The cut of the jeans put a lot of impact on the overall look of the jeans and the personality of the wearer. Each cut has its own uniqueness. For example, Skinny Jeans has a tighter fit and to get that look it is tapered cut at the leg opening. The slim cut jeans has narrow leg opening and the regular one has mid-rise waist length, which is straight through hip with narrow leg opening. We have all designs of Jeans that we can offer in bulk and that too within the committed time frame.